Recording at Strings


Strings does a multi-track recording of each show for the artists and our archives.  We have been recording our shows since 1993.  We have two sound engineers.  One does a mix for the house and the other does a separate mix for the recording.  These recordings are available to the artists free of charge to do with as they please.  

Several of the recordings made at Strings have been used as demos and a few have been released as “commercial” CDs.  Unreleased recordings are not for sale by Strings.  Any such recordings would need to be obtained from the artist.  

You can hear some concerts from our archives by going to the HOME page where they are posted regularly.  

Strings is an ideal environment for making recordings.  The room has high ceilings and excellent acoustics.  Strings has in residence an 1889 refurbished Steinway grand piano.  We have the capacity for multi-track recordings as well as multi camera video.  We can stream your concert live to the internet.  We work in close collaboration with Wildplum recordings, Graffiti Productions and Local Music Channel.  (link)


If you are interested in recording at Strings contact Joey at