Miles Graber 2015-2020

We are thrilled to have our second livestream concert with Miles Graber Chamber Music.  Miles performs with the talents of Sam Weiser-violin, Alexandria Simpson-viola and Saul Richmond-Rakherd-cello.  Also performances with violinists Nigel Armstrong (below), Stephanie Bibbo (below) and Owen Dalby (below) and Jonah Kim-cello and Natalie Parker-clarinet.

Beautifully played classical music in our intimate setting.
Graber is also the pianist for the Sor Ensemble.

Chimera Ensemble 2019

Eric Pearney (bass), Moses Sedler (cello),  Diana Rowan (harp), Katrina Wreede (viola), Sara Jo Zaharako (violin).
Accomplished musician/composer perform original compositions based on western classical, Indian classical, Eastern European and Celtic music.

Musical Art Quintet 2016-2019

Sascha Jacobsen (bass),  Jory Fankuchen (violin), Anthony Blea (violin), Charith Premawardhana(viola), Lewis Patzner (cello).
A Musical Art Quintet composition might meld influences from Africa, Argentina, or Cuba into a globe-hopping, dance-inspiring, gorgeous work.  Classical training and a taste for evocative melodies underpin this sound, but improvisation and lively rhythms make the group’s “Nuevo Chamber” music truly its own. Eminently enjoyable and listenable.

Irene Sazer 2003, 2004, 2018

Irene Sazer, Kate Stenberg, Dina Maccabee, Jessica Ivry,
(2003) Gianna Abondola, John Keigwin, Adam Weissman
Sazer, originally with the Turtle Island string quartet, performs with accomplished classical musicians as improvisor, singer, composer,  bringing a unique voice to the international community.

Molly Axtmann and the Invisible Ensemble 1997-1998, 2000, 2003-2007, 2011, 2013, 2015-2016, 2018

Molly has performed on the Strings stage since 1997 many times.  She composes and performs classical music on piano.  See her listings of silent films on the Visual Concerts page. Molly performs with: Rem Djemilev-viola/violin, Cathy Allen-cello, Elaine Kreston-cello, Rachel Durling-violin, David Brin-cello, Lisa Sangita Moskow-tablas/percussion/sarod, Ayla Davila-bass/percussion, Stan Corfman-french horn, Mitch Hirsh-trombone, Stephen Spies-violin, Ken Durling-clarinet, Donna Lereu-violin, David Strong-violin, David Gordon-tenor, Linda Green-viola
Solo Piano 1999 (with Margaret Slovak, guitarist)

CD “Wild Coast” release concert 2011
A screening of Inanna and the Huluppu Tree (2011)Molly’s original 18- minute silent film make this a special evening. Lyrical, rhythmic engaging music!

1998 Children’s concert with Kaila Flexer, Mike Marshall, Joel Davel, Susan Rode-Morris

New Esterházy Trio 2015

Violinist Lisa Weiss, violist Kati Kyme  and cellist William Skeen—have performed and recorded in the top tier of early music ensembles all over the world. The quartet are praised for their “exceptional fluidity and polish.”

The Sor Ensemble 2006, 2008, 2010-2013

Eugene Sor, Karen Shinosaki, Jory Fankuchen, Rem Djemilev, and Miles Graber perform classical masterpieces.

Mimi Dye and the Topaz 2009

Mimi Dye violist, violinist, composer is well-known to Bay Area audiences as soloist, chamber musician and jazz performer.

Twin Harpsichords 2001, 2002 (2x)
Katherine Westine, Phoebe Craig, Cheryl Anne Fulton
Harpsichordists present an evening of music from the past four centuries.  Guest artist Peter Maund.  Opening Molly Axtmann.

Jack West/Curvature 2000 (x2)

Jack West, Joel Davel, Mark Summer
Original acoustic music on 8-string acoustic guitar, marimba and cello.

Rebecca Bogart/Patty Deuter 1999-2000
Nicole Milner, Molly Axtmann
Some of the Bay area’s finest pianists perform originals and classics.  With Gretchen Even (1999)

Jenny Scheinman Trio 1999(x2)

Scheinman, Jon Evans, Scott Amendola
Extraordinary violinist Scheinman performs originals fusing jazz, ethnic and classical styles.

Onyx Quartet 1998

Leighton Fong, Anna Presler, Phyllis Kabrin, Kurt Rhode
Superb musicians present a concert ranging from classical to listenable contemporary.

Mitch Landi & Marlene Schirmer 1997
Top flight harp players play a variety of harps.  Classical to world this beautiful music is performed with a record for the number of strings on the stage at Strings.

Trio Conbrio 1997

Kris Yenney, Steve Lightbune, Kristine Hebert
Music from Baroque classical to Scott Joplin ragtime.  Longtime musical collaborators strike an extraordinary balance.

BaCello Trio 1996
Karen Hoexster, Rob Hoexster, Joyce Tanaka
Formed in 1991 performs classics with instrumental combination of flute, clarinet and cello.

Palo Alto Sunrise Quartet 1994, 1995(2x)
Cynthia Baehr, Eleanor Angel, Claudia Bloom, Kris Yenney
Masterworks for string quartet from all periods of music.  A special evening!