Visual Concerts


Visual Concerts (1995-2011)

Inspired by John Pearson Strings has presented Visual Concerts at Strings since 1995.   Photographs were first presented using a special projector Pearson brought which worked with the capability to vary the timing presentation of the visuals.
In more recent times we have used digital photos with a projector.  Inspired by the work of master photographers these concerts link photography and live musical performances to create mind altering tapestries. 

Hosts and producers of these concerts include John Pearson, Charlie Lucke and Molly Axtmann.
These are some of the photographers and musicians who participated in the over 28 Visual Concerts. 

Photographers: John Pearson, Charlie Lucke, Richard Blair, Philip Greene, Shaw Hazen, Anna Leone, Stennett Heaton, Bob Hoffman, Tony Somkin, Aiden Moran, Ed Brandsletter, David Roberts, Steve Baldwin, Kathleen Goodwin, Lydia Gans, Bill Van Meter, Dan Brumbach, Frank Roubicek, Leon Barensztein, Benjamin Renoux, Hugo Steccati, Ed Aust, Paul Steinbrink, Kasma Loha-Unchit, John Steere, Joel Manerud, Marc Shargel, Harold Adler, Greg Laakso, Susan  Fan-Brown, Suzon Murray, Molly Axtmann, Patty Sokolecki, Megan Kincaid, Styrous, Harley Shapiro, Susan Yael Smith, Toni Ichelson, Michael Scollard, Rufus Diamant, Joe Cunningham, Richard Nagler. 

Musicians: Molly Axtmann, Maureen Brennan, Tom Rigney, Steve Bergman, Peter Lamson, Judiyaba, Mitch Landy, Joe Cullen, Karen Horner, Nicole Milner, Caren Armstrong, Joey Lent, Katie Wreede, Donna Viscuso, Peter Joseff, Lichi Fuentes, Kris Yenney, Chuck Steed, Alan Tower, Emil Miland, Joe Miller, Tom Gilson, Gael Alcock, Paul Kimmel, Mariah Larkin, Kaila Flexer, Peter Jacques, Katja Cooper, Joe Paquin, Jeanne Drayer, Dana Hubbard, Unity Nguyen, Kora, June Bonacich, Howard Barkin, Diane Grubbe, Nora Hoffmann, Greg Laasko, Doc Ward, Helen Holt, Jim Passard, Katrina Wreede, Blair Kilpatrick, Steve, Tabak, Anton Schwartz, Diana Stork.

Visual Concert with a feast (1997)

With live accompaniment by
Molly Axtmann and the Invisible Ensemble.
All posters by Ariel Schrag

Nosferatu: 2014, 2008, 2004

Molly Axtmann-piano/composition, Rachel Durling-violin, Shira Kammen-viola, David Brin-cello  Also performed with: Dina Weinshelbaum-cello and Cathy Allen-cello
Murnau’s masterpiece of silent cinema screened to the live accompaniment of Molly Axtmann’s haunting score.

Inanna and the Huluppu Tree Premiere 2011
Molly Axtmann-composer and film maker presents the premiere screening of her film Inanna and the Huluppu Tree.  Based on the ancient Sumerian myth the film has no dialogue in the tradition of “silent” films from the dawn of moving picture history.  The story tells of the universal struggle to fulfill one’s dreams.
This show had the largest audience ever recorded at Strings.

Metropolis 2008
Molly Axtmann-piano/composition, Ayla Davila– bass, Rachel Durling-violin

2007 The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Molly Axtmann-piano/composition, Lisa Sangita Moskow-percussion, Rachel Durling-violin, David Brin-cello
Awarded Community Partners Grant with Niles Essanay Silent Film Museum by the American Composers Forum

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari 2006
1920 German silent horror film, directed by Robert Wiene and written by Hans Janowitz and Carl Mayer.  Molly Axtmann-piano/composition,  David Brin-cello,  Darien Cande-viola


The Roaring Road (1919) 2005
Improvisation with Molly Axtmann -piano, Rem Djemilev-violin, Ken Durling-clarinet
.Drawing by Chris Peterson