These groups and performers are listed from most recent performances back to 1994.

Tom Rigney 1995(x2), 1997, 1999-2008, 2010-2020

Stellar cajun fiddler Rigney performs with virtuostic pianists John R.  Burr

and Caroline Dahl

for evenings sure to make you dance in your seats!
Performances also with  musical partner Joe Weed 

on violin and Steve Parks-bass.  Heart, soul and foot stomping energy. With Joe Paquin and Luke Paquin (2001, 2002)  With Joe Paquin, Danny Caron, Mack McCrid (2000).  With Nina GerberJoe Paquin, Brian Courtney (1997).

Free Peoples  2003-2010, 2013-2019
We welcome back this extraordinary band.  Fine harmonies, reggae edges with rock elements.  All combine into a joyful sound with impeccable musicianship and excellent songs. Tim Sawyer, Michael DiPirro joined by James Foster, Jason Thor, Jesse Shantor and Nick Hasty create Free Peoples.

Drawing by Chris Peterson

Felsen 2016-2019 

Andrew Griffin-guitar/vocals,  Dara Ackerman-percussion/vocals,  Bryan Bixby Dean-bass, Toledo Rob Tucker-percussion
One of the best kept secrets of the Bay Area.  Felsen is a contemporary rock group with excellent musicianship, tight harmonies and smart lyrics that keep the listener engaged.  Felsen proves that acoustic rock and roll is alive and well!

Justin Ancheta 2015-2016, 2019
The Justin Ancheta Band

Performance at Strings: Honey of the Heart

Justin performs with Maren Metke, Damian Sol, Alex Scammon, Jess Weber, Heather Normandale, Marlan Aldana, Adam Lowdermilk and Dan Cantrell.
Socially conscious music including Folkyrico, americana, Flamenco, funk and

Handmade Moments 2017

We are thrilled to welcome this wonderful duo from Arkansas.  Anna Moss and Joel Ludford sing, play guitar, double bass, sax and bass clarinet.  This is one of a kind act full of inspiration and funky goodness.

Dirty Cello 2013, 2015-2016

Rebecca Roudman, Jason Eckl, Anthony Petrocchi
Crossover cellist Roudman presents a high energy mix of soulful blues, rock and wild Euro-gypsy dance music. 

Spark and Whisper 2015-2016

Singer/songwriters and multi-instrumentalists Anita Sandwina, Velvy Appleton and bassist Paul Eastburn  create Spark & Whisper.  Acoustic grooves with a sensitive, introspective and hard-driving music.  Indie folk at its best!

Heather Normandale  2016

Paul Martin Sounder, Marlon Aldana, Craig Miller plus guest singers Justin Ancheta and Maren Metke
Melodic and rootsy mermaid folk encircling emotive vocal parts, harmonies, a rolling fingerpicked rhythm on banjo, guitar, or mandolin accompanied by upright bass, percussion, cajon and balafon. Lyrics playfully celebrate the inner compass that seeks models in nature.

Stadler & Gibbons Band 2016

Mike Stadler, Mary Gibbons, Chuck Ervin, Jon Mitguard
This fine gathering of highly experienced musicians finds the common ground between early Country and Bluegrass and original material.  Clean, intricate harmonies stacked atop a bed of dynamic acoustic instruments and pedal steel guitar. 

Front Country 2013-2014

Adam Rozkiewicz (mandolin), Jordan Klein (banjo, vox), Jacob Groopman (guitar, vox), Leif Karlstrom (fiddle), Zach Sharpe (bass) and Melody Walker (vox, guitar)
Contemporary Bluegrass.  Terrific harmonies and exciting musicianship.  We’re starting off our season with a bang.  

Kleptograss 2006-2008, 2013

Kleptograss is Eric Thompson‘s fusion project, giving him liberty to plunder any musical style that catches his fancy, stretching his guitar, mandolin, and cuatro around Delta Blues & Piedmont Rags, Western & French Swing, Puerto Rican Jibaro as well as Old-time Country, all with a Bluegrass edge.  Joining him will be Alan Senauke, Tom Rozum, Chad Manning, Scott Nygaard, Laurie Lewis and Paul Shelasky   Big Fun – Great tunes and songs! 

Marc Silber 2002-2011, 2013

Special evenings full of surprises produced by Delta Blues master Marc Silber.

The Stairwell Sisters 2004, 2013

Sue Sandlin, Stephanie Prausnitz, Evie Ladin, Lisa Berman, Martha Hawthorne.  All sing!

American Nomad  2013

Hassan El-Tayyab, Shiloh Parkerson, Matt Crimp, Mikiya Matsuto, Ryan Lucas Americana, Folk/swing traditions realized with crafted original music.  Smart  catchy lyrics, tight rhythms, rich harmonies and strong musicianship.  Music drawn from the spirit of travel and authentic life experience. 

Springhouse 2012

Jane Selkye, David Phillips and Chris Key are Springhouse.  Contemporary Americana with terrific vocals.  Music to make your evening right.  Opening: Amelia Hogan 

All-Weather Friends  2012
Dorothy Betz & Les Adam in from Maui, Hawaii joined by Bill Layman up from Santa Cruz celebrate their new CD- wildly eclectic and sweet.  Come for a roller coaster ride through these exceptional songwriters’ hearts and minds.

Evie Ladin 2008, 2010, 2011-2012

Traditional Appalachian music with an urban edge and contemporary vision.  Polyrhythmic funk and expressive vocals.  Evie Ladin performs with her quartet: Keith Terry, Dina Maccabee and Erik Pearson. Also with Suzy Thompson / Allegra Yellin violinists (2008) 

Paul Kamm & Eleanor MacDonald 2004-2005, 2011-2012

Fantastic harmonies, exciting rhythms create a rich tapestry of guitar and storytelling.

Still on the Hill 2002, 2004, 2006, 2009, 2012

Donna Stjerna and Kelly Mulhollan perform.  We are honored to present this duo from the Ozarks of Arkansas.  Multi-instrumentalists with insightful, heartfelt lyrics.  Creative high energy! The real deal. With Phil Lancaster (2004)

Kings of Mongrel Folk  1998-1999, 2003-2006, 2008-2010
Orville Johnson & Mark Graham are the kings!  Amazing musicians with razor sharp lyrics.  We welcome back Mark Graham harmonica and clarinet virtuoso joined by the Saubers for an evening of masterfully played old-time music. (2006)

Houston Jones 2007-2010

 Chris Kee, Peter Tucker, Travis Jones, Glenn Houston, Henry Salvia
Contemporary Americana. Blues, country at its very best. Great songs, terrific vocals and some seriously hot playing.

Drawing by Chris Peterson

Rick Di Dia and Aireen Espiritu 2009-2010

Rick and Aireene pick, strum, stomp, slide and sing their own brand of stripped down Americana. Celebrate Joey Lent’s original solo guitar CD release. 

I See Hawks In LA 2007, 2008-2009

Rob Waller, Paul Lacques, Anthony Lacques
Really terrific modern country. Topical lyrics. Currently one of the hottest groups coming out of L.A. This group will have you dancing in your seats. 

Round Mountain 2009

Char Rothschild and Robby Rothschild are brothers who have been performing together since they were kids.  Outstanding multi-instrumental musicians.

Nora Jane Struthers 2009

From Nashville nationally touring singersongwriter Struthers performs with her sizzling hot band.   The Bootleggers, winners of the 2010 Telluride Bluegrass Festival Band Competition: P.J. George-upright bass & vocals, Ward Stout-fiddle & vocals, Dave Goldenberg-mandolin

Tom Paley 2008

We are honored to welcome banjo player Tom Paley, a true national treasure. Performing for over 75 years this artist is the authentic voice of American Old Time Music.

Euphonia & Three Mile Stone 2008
Paul Kotapish, Sylvia Herold, Charlie Hancock, Brian Rice, Chuck Ervin, Marla Fibish, Erin Shrader, Richard Mandel
Two Americana Bands debut. A musical journey from the sophisticated sidewalks of Paris to the hay-strewn dance floors of rural America. Seriously hot playing and entertainment.

Calaveras 1995-1996(x3), 1997(x2), 1998-999, 2000, 2002, 2008
Victoria Blythe, Greg Beattie, Dave Decker.  We welcome back this Americana original. Country, folk, pop, blues and more. 

Misisipi Rider / Bolos  2008
Cree Rider, Misisipi Mike Wolf, Doug Blumer, Katy Rexford, Don Burnham, Karen Horner
You see the names. Need we say more? See you there!

Lost Weekend Western Swing Band 2000, 2003, 2006-2008

Annual Strings Show

The 11 piece all star LOST WEEKEND Band rides back to STRINGS for an evening of world-class Western Swing music, featuring Hall-of-Famer Bobby Black, steel guitar; Pam Brandon, featured vocalist; Mark Holzinger, lead guitar; fiddler Paul Shelasky; Shota Osabe, piano; Jim Rothermel, sax and clarinet; Bob Schulz, cornet and vocals; Kevin “Ironman” Porter, trombone; Rick Alegria, drums; Bing Nathan, bass; and “fearless leader” Don Burnham, rhythm guitar and vocals. Founded in 1984  LOST WEEKEND has earned its reputation as one of the country’s leading lights in Western Swing music. 

Eric & Suzy Thompson 2004, 2007-2008

Two local favorites perform. Excellent musicianship, entertainment and good vibes. Blues, bluegrass, klezmer and any other kind of Americana you can think of. With W.B. Reid & Bonnie Zahnow (2004)
 Drawing by Chris Peterson

Very Hot Club 2005-2008

George Cole, Julian Smedley, Vic Wong, Kathy Sierra, Sam Bevan
In the tradition of Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grapelli this group creates original songs true to the creative spirit which fuses music and art.

Blues Piano Evening  2008
Wendy DeWitt, Tommy Thomsen, Sid Morris
Three of the Bay Area’s top blues performers present an evening of song and soulful hot keyboard playing.

The Mitguards 2007-2008

Debbie and Chris Mitguard on tour from Colorado. Original and obscure: folk, roots and Americana. Great harmonies and hot picking. 

Matt Flinner / Scott Nygaard/Sam Bevin  2008

Three of the best bluegrass players on the acoustic scene today. Music with a nod to the past and a vision of the future.

D Squared 2003-2004, 2007

Don Charles-guitar, banjo & mandola, Deb Gessner-harp
We welcome back this wonderful duo from Arizona. Music of touching sensitivity and depth with a rhythmic pulse that is truly exciting. With Barry Sysko (2004) With Pollyanna Bush (2003).

Laurie Lewis and Tom Rozum 2006-2007

Laurie is one of the pre-eminent bluegrass and Americana artists of our time. With partner Tom Rozum they create instrumental duets and vocal harmonies that are as good as good gets. Bluegrass, folk and country at its best.

Matt Lax and Nearly Beloved  2006-2007

Matt Lax, Dave Zirbel, Erik Pearson, Paul Olguim, Pete Lax, Dave Rubin-Lax
We welcome back Matt Lax and Nearly Beloved. Americana Afro-fusion. Great harmonies and exciting rhythms. 

Queens of Boogie Woogie 2007
Virginia Pichner, Geanie Stout, Sue Palmer, Wendy DeWitt
Strings is proud to host this seventh annual tour of the Queens of Boogie Woogie.

The WIYOS  2007

Joebass, Michael Farkas, Parrish Eillis
Vaudevillian, Ragtime Blues, Hillbilly Swing and Old Time Country. Great entertainment.

Bill Evans / Megan Lynch 2007

Bill Evans, one of the hottest banjo players today performs with national long bow fiddle champion Megan Lynch. Sizzling musicianship and harmonies. Superb Americana.

The Westerleys 1995(x3), 1996(x3), 1997(3x), 1998-1999, 2006
Doug Blumer Nancy Terzian Peter Axel
We are thrilled to present one of our favorite groups. Amazing three-part vocal harmonies. Original songs direct from the hearts and minds of three wonderful performers. A classic evening. With Rob McClosky-bass (1998, 1999).With Doug Adams (1998) With Kent Fossgreen (1997)

Wishing Chair 2006

Amie Penwell, Miriam Davidson, Kiya Heartwood
Multi-instumentalists “with a passion for the truth”. Davidson, Heartland and Bay Area’s own Penwell make their debut performances at Strings this evening.

Acoustic Soul 1998, 2000, 2004, 2005

Emil Borgir, Mary Fairfield, Arsinoe Bacogiannis, Michael Lewis, Guss Kambeitz, Katt Maguire
Fabulous vocal harmonies.Originals rooted in blues with a positive spin. With Detlef Bunk (1998)

Alexis Harte Band 2003-2005

Alexis Harte, Randy Weaver, Aaron Brinkerhoff, Adrian West
Music on the cutting edge of contemporary steeped in traditional.Terrific musicianship combined with truly exciting arrangements.

Garrick Davis Trio with Bobie Foster, Tony Stead 2005

Claudia Russel & Bruce Kaplan 2005

Pop blues.  The traditional meets the contemporary.  Outstanding singing and musicianship.

Bluegrass Intentions  2003, 2005

Bill Evans, Suzy Thompson, Alan Senauke, Eric Thompson, Larry Cohen 
Unstoppable Old Time Groove. Ebulliance with virtuosity.

Blue House  2004-2005

Amy Beasley, Maries de Veer, Curtis Cooper
Acoustic based Folk, Rock and Blues.Tight vocal harmonies with compelling lyrical stories.

Dorian Michael/Kenny Blackwell 2003-2004

An eclectic mix of American Folk styles performed with outstanding musicianship and positive energy. With Piper Heisig-bass (2003)

Michael & Keleran Millham 2004

Emory Joseph, Dorian Michael Singing and guitar from the origins of the Blues.

E.L.K. (Now called “Big Wide Grin“) 2002, 2003
Elaine Demsey, L.E. Lambert, Karl Werne
An inspiring group with engaging lyrics, beautiful harmonies and musicianship.

Hot Buttered Rum 2000, 2003

Nat Keefe, Aaron Redner, Bryan Horne, Zachary Mathews, Erik Yates  
Bluegrass fusion with imagination and heart.High altitude bluegrass.

StrungOver 2003

Jeremy Lampel, Michael Thurman, Hugh Broughton, Jason Lampel
From Santa Cruz a new exciting approach to bluegrass.  Intricate rhythms and stylistic harmonies.

Myshkin’s Ruby Warblers 2003

Myshkin, Scott Mcgee, Brent Martens, Nick Jaina, Kym Tuvim, Binary Dolls. Myshkin presents original music with the feel of Americana.
Myshkin & Mike West 2000

The Hot Club of San Francisco 1994, 2002

Paul Mehling, Bob Thompson, Ari Munkress, Dave Ricketts, Louis Matthee
A Bay area legend.  Gypsy sing from a bygone era.

Xenophilia 2002

Amy Anne, Joe Scudera, Hence Phillips, Xeno
Contemporary acoustic fusion.  With the Tannen Brothers.  This high energy group brings musically thought provoking and captivating performances.

The Mammals 2002

Ruth Unger,Tao Rodriquez-Seeger, AliciaJo Rabins, Mike Merenda
Grounded acoustic music that is beautiful and full of energy.

Hand to Mouth 2002

Grace Hearn, Michael Savage
Great performing songwriters!  Performing here with Pollyanna Bush.

Neighborly Deeds 2002

Keith Challber, Kurt Stevenson, Kate Maher, Stephanie Mechura Challberg, David Fox
Contemporary folk-fusion.  Positive upbeat energy.

The Cowlicks 2002

Todd Novak, Michel Hanna, John Fonseca, Mike Anderson, Peter Tucker Contemporary Northern Californian country-rock.

Del Rey/Suzy Thompson 2000-2001

Seattle based Del Rey joins Thompson for an evening of hot guitar and violin playing with soul moving vocals.  With Christie McCarthy (2000).

Chazz Cats 1995(2x), 1996, 2001

Charlie Casey, Ted Silverman, DelilaMonroe, Greg Laakso, Tom Droxhan
Vibrant fun filled evening of swing jazz.

Chris Chandler/Anne Feeney 2001

Chandler delivers “the word”.  An electrifying experience with powerful music and vocals.  

Road Dog Divas 2001

Laura Freeman, Myshkin, Darlene.
Myshkin from New Orleans, Freeman from Texas and Darlene from Canada.  Three fabulous performing songwriters collaborate on tour.

Dave Carter/Tracy Grammer  1999-2000
Multi-instrumentalists from Seattle speak with authentic voices out of the folk-rock-blues tradition.

Vocal Motion 2000
Gail Clark, Michael Levy, Kath Robinson, Jonathan Arthur
Contemporary a cappella music at its best.  Great voices with positive energy.

The Waybacks 1999(x2), 2000

Chojo Jacques, Stevie Coyle, James Nash, Chris Kee, Pete Tucker 
“Acoustic Mayhem” is the best term for what these highly talented musicians create.

Todalo Shakers  2000

Suzy Thompson, Eric Thompson, W.B. Reid, Frannie Leopold, Steven Strauss
Joyful and infectious music created by master musicians.

Waltzing Dogs 2000

Steve Edlen, Chad Clouse, Dave Revelli
Bluegrass Celtic fusion at its best.

Danny Heines/Michael Mannering 1999
Two master string musicians collaborate for an evening with stylistic influences from jazz-world beat to bluegrass.

Celtic Elvis 1997-1999

Jim Ocean, Barbara Griseau, Randy Anger, Cecelia Perotti, Rich Wescott
Folk Cabaret, Musical Comedy, Folk ’n Roll, twisted contemporary satire.  With dynamic vocals, theatrical stage delivery and driving acoustic rhythm Celtic Elvis is hysterically funny.  Dubbed “the ultimate party band for people who think too much”. 

Combing Dolores 1996, 1997(x2), 1998

Matt Fish, Kristin Sobditch, Greg Harrison
Quirky lyrics and catchy melodies,  Fun and infectiously catchy this group has fresh vocals and quirky instrumental songs.

Screaming Divas  1998

Melissa Baer, Danielle Nice, Pamela Nissley, Lilli Oldfield, Tina Osinski
Five talented performers create acappella music from country honky tonk to classical virtuosity.

Danny Heines/Mike Marshall  1998
High energy musicians with influences including jazz, world beat and bluegrass collaborate to create music with imaginative rhythms and sophisticated timbres.

Tommy Carns and the Sexpots  1998

Doc Ward, Mark Hanley, Mark Stikman, Diane Wallace
Tommy Carns
teams up with great talent to deliver an evening of songs performed by musicians who really love to play.

The Frontmen  1997

Steven Coyle, Rory McNamara, Mike Phelan, Brian Godchaux
Country flavored mix of acoustic styles.  Soulful singing and awesome fingerpicking

Joe Craven Trio 1996(x2), 1997

Joe Craven, Kendrick Freeman, Derrick Jones
This group blends familiar melody with an exotic feel.  Joe’s CD Camptown.

9th Cabaret 1995 (x2), 1996

Glenn Myles, LaReva Myles, Simone Myles, Michelle Myles
Great accapella singing from the Myles family. 

Jim Boggio  “Trio Extraordinaire”  1996

Jim Boggio, Jim Hurley, Nils Moline
Accordian player Boggio gives us an eclectic evening of music from gypsy jazz to jazz standards.

Amanda Moody & Joey Linheimer 1996(x2)

Amanda Moody, Joel Linheimer, Derek Jones, Michel Dumonceau, Steve Packenham
Amanda sings somewhere between Torch Singing,m Jazz and Beat Poetry.  A truly terrific voice and original sound.

Peter Lamson/Leslie Ellis & the Lost Borders 1996
Baird Miller, Peter Wilde
Lamson blends Country Blues, Caribbean, Music from the 30s and 40s and folk styles into a mix all his own.  Leslie Ellis & the Lost Borders play a combination of folk rock and original.

Evan Dane/Marty Eggers  1995
Banjo tunes accompanied by bass.  A special collaboration.

String Shop  1995
Tony Furtado, Todd Phillips, Scott Nygaard, Mike Marshall
Acoustic wizardy.

Psychograss  1994

An American bluegrass supergroup founded by fiddler Darol Anger and mandolinist Mike Marshall.  Anger and Marshall had been members of the David Grisman Quintet.  They invited two other Grisman players, bassist Todd Phillips and percussionist Joe Craven and recorded their first album in 1993.  Pictured on the Strings stage!

JoJo Deleaux 19931994

Lou Wary, David Lehrer, John Croizet, John Royer
Wonderful blend of country harmonies.