Volunteer staff-current and past
Many people have contributed with donations, time and energy to the existence of Strings.

Joey Lent
“Without these volunteers Strings would not be possible.”

Toni Ichelson
Since 1996
Toni does the front desk, office management, membership, artist bookings.

Molly Axtmann
Since 1997
Molly does the bar, email reminders, website, classical music bookings, Visual Concert production.

Paul Tumolo
Since 1995
Paul is one of Strings’ recording engineers.  He is the engineer for Strings’ Livestreams (2020) and edits archival music.  

Steve Smulien
Since 1997
Steve is a primary recording engineer for Strings.


Michael Narimatsu (d. 2001)
Since 1993
Michael is one of the founders of Strings.  He welcomed people at the door, set up the computer, worked on building and brought his amazing spirit to Strings.  Pictured here in the early days.

Bill Londagin (d. 2019)
Since 1996
Bill welcomed at the door for over 20 years.  He hugged thousands of audience members.  He also contributed his skills in building.

Geoff Scowcroft (d.2021)
Geoff helped with the computer and shared the front door with his husband Peter.

Kenny Cahn (d. 2005)
Kenny helped with the building of the stage at Strings.  Pictured here at a BBQ Jam

Marc Partalis (d. 2018)
Marc was the doorman for Strings in the early years.

More Community Volunteers

Wolansa Shiferu
Wolansa was instrumental in the development of Strings. She also worked behind the front desk with Toni for over ten years.

Tom Bruce
Tom set up Strings’ database.  Tom was one of our sound engineers.

Jamar is one of Strings’ recording engineers.

Clarice Schwark
Clarice helped behind the bar.

George Pappas
George welcomes at the front door.

Richard Rosenblum
Richard helps at the front door and behind the bar.

Brian Sedwich
Brian welcomed at the front door, behind the front desk and at the bar.

Peter Wolf
Peter shared the front desk and door with his husband Geoff.

David Aid
David helps with pre-concert setup and at the front door

David Shiretsky
David helped at the front desk and behind the bar.

Molly Thomas
Molly helped behind the bar and with maintenance of the concert hall and garden.

Chris Peterson
Chris sketched concerts, BBQ jams and members of our community.  You can see his work on many of our pages.

John Pearson
John started the Visual Concerts at Strings.  See our Visual Concerts page for more about these concerts.  Pictured here in recent years and at his light board in the early years.

Nancy Irish
Nancy gave her artistry to Strings painting exterior walls as well as the interior of the front bathroom (pictured here) and the guest room.

Chuck Steed, Joey Lent, Doug Blumer, Nancy Irish
Pictured here in 1993, these volunteers helped painting, building and the creation of Strings.  Chuck Steed and Doug Blumer also performed many times on the stage of Strings.

David Lehrer
David helped to build the stage at Strings.

David Helfant
David helped with the building of Strings in the early days, pouring the concrete for the back building.  He donated his artistry with the stained glass windows above the front door (pictured here).

Gary McCrea, Faye Johnson
Gary was one of the founders of Strings.  He and Faye made pizza for the shows for many years as well as other breakfast and dinner feasts.

Rob Sherman
Rob was the first sound engineer at Strings

Beth Robinson
Beth helped behind the bar.

Chazz Burton
Chazz was a crucial builder in the early days of Strings

Roger helped with building in the early days of Strings.

Significant Supporters of Strings
Marc Silber, John Droutas, Geri Redpath, Dave Mandel, Jim & Lynda Zwack, Tom Taussig (d.2018), Rich Croll, Ernie Kotler, George & Sara Reed
Thank you to Lou Katz of Metron.com for hosting our domain name 1998-2020.

Strings Staff 2007

Strings staff 2015
Pictured here on the stage of Strings at the Holiday Concert.

Strings is a reflection of the volunteers’ energies and the “tribe”that created a sanctuary for music.