Truly Unique


These performers don’t fall into a set category of music.  We are honored to have presented these unique talents on the Strings stage.

Dan Cantrell 2016-2022
Dan has performed on the Strings stage with many world and Americana groups as well as his own shows.  His original compositions are based on western classical, Indian classical, Eastern European, flamenco, Celtic and American folk/movie/rock/country.  Truly original.  Pictured here is dancer Elizabeth Strong performing on the Strings stage. Dan is in the background on accordion.

Performers Cantrell has shared the stage with include Lila Sklar, Eric Pearney, Sean Tergis, Diana Strong, Jason Ditzian, Lily Storm, Qadim, Chimera Ensemble, Justin Ancheta.

Cosa Nostra  2017-2019

Shaina Evonivk-violin, Keith Lawrence-viola, Lewis Patzner-cello, Adam Theis-trombone/bass, Valentino-percussion, Trance Thompson-viola
Classically trained Cosa Nostra Strings play new versions of classical masterpieces as well as originals creating a musical world all their own.


Bandleader Gabe Dominquez presents his own anarchistic take on American folk and pop/rock music traditions.  Known for their ebullient live performances, ecological and social justice advocacy, epic bicycle based music tours.  New style of music entitled Whup  which combines Afro-Latin rhythm, marching band percussion, bluegrass fiddle, gospel choir-style harmony, call & response and spirit invocation.

Bill Bourne 2000-2003, 2011-2012
A solo act unlike any other.  Bill Bourne from Canada is an amazing trance master.

Drawing by Chris Peterson

The Palm Wine Boys 2002-2011
Richard Linley, QB Williams, Matt Lax, Eliahu
This group captures the sound of their namesake- lightly sweet, spreading warmth through your veins and intoxicating the mind with a hopeful spirit.

Tricycle 2004
Alex de Grassi, Michael Manring, Chris Garcia
Three master musicians present their world debut at Strings.

The Convenience Store Troubadours 1999, 2000
Chris Chandler, Lala Freeman, Phil Rockstroh, Magda Hillet, Peter Wilde, Todd Sickafoose, Chad Austinson, Frankie Hernandez, Alan Lin
An entourage of kooks, oddballs and poignant misfits create a collage of wit and poetry in their own definition of folk music.

Jim Hurley Finger Painting 1996 (x2)
Steve, Oliver, Cindy Browne
Original acoustic music hand painted by the composer.  Excellent violin, guitar and composition performances.

Woman Emerging 1995
Rosemary Quinn with the Dancing Fools & Fogbow Trio
Poetry, Dance and Song.

Aiden McIntyre Mysterious Tremendous 1995, 1996

A meditative adventure in sound with Tibetan singing bowls, gongs and other exotic instruments.

Thoth 1996
Stephen Kaufman, Boris Goldmund, Scott Kungha Trensen, Rahn Wilson, Michael Chiaravelotti
New age space music with driving rhythms.